Jiashan On-line Lumber Co., Ltd.

about us

Jiashan On-line Lumber Co., Ltd is a professional manufacture for all kinds of multi-layer engineered flooring, which is founded in Jiashan City, Zhejiang Province in 2005. But our history can be traced back to 1999 when we built plywood factory in Jiashan and focused the plywood technology which is very important for multi-layer engineered flooring.

Now we succeed to developing international market including Europe, Australia, Mexico, Japan, South Africa, and Israel. Also we have developed Chinese local market which shows more and more potential.

Our products are focused on professional and we will give our suggestion for different market according to our years experience involving all kinds of market. And we take the protecting natural as our responsibility which can be shown from our products as we only use wood natural characters.

Contact us, then you can find it is a good choice.