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The national preparatory meeting for the four national standard of flooring will be held

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As the accelerating tempo of normal life, “food, clothing, shelter and transportation” are rapidly getting more and more attention, especially for “shelter”. From the age of people knowing nothing about family decoration to the heating circumstance of family decoration market, great changes have happened on Chinese people in their taste and attention of the decoration for their own house. Nowadays, flooring has played the leading role of the family decoration market, become a decisive part of the market. On Dec. 30 2007, national standards committee issued document no. [2007] 114, which distributed the seventh batch of national standard modification plan, including 4 national standard of flooring: Abrasion resistance parquet (serial number of the plan: 20079662-T-432); Water resistance floor of plastics-wood (serial number of the plan: 20079663-T-432); strengthened laminated floor covering (fireproof) (serial number of the plan: 20079667-T-432); A series for plates used in door (serial number of the plan: 20079665-T-432).

Abrasion resistance parquet standard: also known as ultra-wear-resistance wood floor, is a category of floor that made with one or more layer of special paper dipped with thermo set amine resin paving on the surface of some wood material such as veneer or laminated wood board as a decorative facing, with wear-resistant layer on the front face and balance layer on the back, and is processed by heat pressing. It is a new sort of impregnated paper laminated floor. It has the hard wearing condition of laminated floor and the comfortable foot sense as well as the surface with increased shock strength, fastness to rubbing and fireproof quality. It has earned great reputation on the market because of its resources conserving, wear resistance, stable structure and so on.

Water resistance floor of plastics-wood standard: floor of plastics-wood (also known as “Wood-Plastic composites” (WPS). Wood-Plastic composite material is made by recycling plastics and wood fiber (natural fibers like wood powder, rice husk, peanut shell, etc.) which modified macro molecularly, and processed or combined by compounding and extrusion equipment. It is provided with the main advantages of plastic and wood, can take the place of plastic or wood under many circumstances, is considered as a new type of environmental-friendly new material with great potential.

Strengthened laminated floor covering (fireproof) standard: fireproof floor is generally processed from the flame-resistance material of high-density plate as well as the wood material through fire retarding treatment. It is generally used in the pavement of major public places.

A series for plates used in door: in pace with the improvement of people’s life, as well as the development of realty business and family decorative business, fine decoration house has been increasing continuously.

Therefore a series for complete decoration in door is necessary, from the point of taste of family decoration, quality of decoration materials, comfort and health of living environment, regulating the standard, quality, color, etc. of the floor and skirt board. The standard is also a trend of development of residential property.

In order to regulate the product quality of relevant manufacturers, the pre-conference of national floor standard will be held in Tianmu Lake of Jiangsu province on May. 15 2008. The pre-conference will take national standard as a chance, rendering full support in the development of Chinese floor industry through the distribution and communication of the four standards.

The conference focuses on accelerating the development of Chinese floor industry, which sets “energy-saving,environmental-friendly, and safety” as its features, strengthening the communication of different enterprises. Therefore all of enterprises and experts are welcome to join in the standard group, establishing a basement of distribution, display and cooperation in order to promote the stable development of floor industry.

At this point, water resistance floor of plastics-wood, with the feature of environmental-friendly, has been widely used in countries and regions like USA, Europe, and Japan, etc., because of its combination features from both wood and plastic, and the theme of economical and green. Its natural shortcoming is therefore recovered on such basic, and its comprehensive quality is better than domestic plastic-wood composite material by far. It has revolution contributed to the people’s pursuance of healthy, environmental-friendly and good-quality floors.

Flame-resistant laminated floor: National Ministry of Public Security and Fire Department distributed a joint declaration: only fireproof constructional materials can be used in major public places, in case of the possibility of preventing to serious fire. Flame-resistant laminated floor is a new type introduced from abroad in recent years, with great percussion- and flame-resistance, and able to bare the heavy weight of the furniture as well as even the ignition of cigarette, etc. It is widely recommended by modern citizens for its numerous features.

Ultra wear-resistant laminated floor most notable feature is its energy efficiency. All features collects together as "criss-cross, multi-overlapped, non-deformation, non-warp", etc., with the damp-proof, waterproof, anti-static, long life, low formaldehyde emission, overcomes to use a traditional rare timber and painted surface, appreciates as favored new decorative flooring in Europe, USA, Japan and other countries. It is a major undertaking in the flooring industry to both of domestically and internationally.

The conference was focused on building a complete industrial chain, interpreting the innovation, responsibility, influence and motivation, promoting a comprehensive exchange and communication in the field, as well as carrying the four major standards out effectively, this meeting was built a first-class, high-value platform by the Baogelinsi Wood Co., Ltd., Jiangsu

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